The time has come when you can finally hold your baby and everything is perfect…. except for that extra weight you put on during your pregnancy!

Your body did an amazing job in bringing this special person into you life but still needs quality nutrients to maintain the daily demands on you as a new mother.

We understand that time was once a luxury and your watch is set to baby o’clock 24/7 which makes it very difficult to pay attention to yourself, your health and a balanced diet.

Our aim is to help you get back into those pre-pregnancy clothes the right way, together.

KangaDiet gets you on your way to a healthier you!

No complicated diets – 100 % support

You will be assigned a personal KangaDiet health coach who will be in close contact with you to help you achieve your goals.

Extensive one-on-one coaching and regular telephone conferences give you the support and direction to ensure your KangaDiet Program is successful.

KangaDiet is not yet available in Australia